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Q. Is my dog allowed inside the cabins ?

A. Yes, provided he/she is fully housetrained and allowed the full run of your own home.
In fact, we actually do not allow dogs to sleep outside the cabins.

Q. My dog is shy and I do not wish her to mix with other dogs. Is this a problem ?

A. No. All dogs must be on leash in the common areas of our park. In the off-leash areas dogs do not mix unless you want them to.

Q. Do you restrict dog breeds or number of dogs ?

A. No, every dog is treated on its own individual merit.

Q. Are there paralysis ticks in your region ?

A. Thankfully there are no paralysis ticks anywhere near our Park,however, we have had reports ( Sept 2016 on ) that there is now a possibility of them coming as far west as our local beaches. Please consult your local vet for up-to-date recommendations.

Q. Can my dog sleep outside the tent/caravan/cabin?

A. No, your dog MUST sleep inside. We do not recommend leaving your dog in the car overnight, as cars can get very cold.

Q. Can I leave my dog behind if we want to go for a drive?

A. You cannot leave your dog alone in your cabin or site, however, for a small charge, you may leave your dog in one of our luxury day-use kennels.

Q. What form of payments do you accept?

A. Online bookings and all bookings made within 10 days of your arrival are to be paid in full at time of booking by either Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
Email and telephone bookings made prior to 10 days from your arrival may be paid by credit card,debit card, bank transfer, or cash. If you book over the phone, you may arrange to pay a 50% deposit, with the balance on arrival.

Q. What are your bank account details?

A. Our account is held at the Commonwealth Bank, Yarram Vic BSB number 063-810 Account Number 10117909 in the name of Best Friend Holiday Retreat. Please use your surname as the "reference".

Q. Will I get a refund of moneys paid if I subsequently have to cancel my booking?

A. If you cancel more than 30 days from the commencement of your holiday, all moneys will be refunded in full, less a cancellation fee of $ 20. If you cancel 30 days or less from the commencement of your holiday, moneys will only be refunded at our discretion and if we are able to rebook your cabin or site at the same rate. For this reason we strongly recommend that at the time of booking you take out appropriate travel insurance to cover unexpected events.

Q. At what time may I check-in?

A. Check-in is between 2pm to 6pm. Late arrivals for cabins are asked to telephone us before 6pm, but for the safety and comfort of all guests, camp and caravan sites are strictly by 6pm.

If you are unable to arrive by 6pm, you may arrive in the morning of the next day instead.

Q. At what time must I check-out by?

A. If you are staying in one of our cabins, the check-out time is by 10am unless prior arrangements have been made. If you are staying in one of our caravan/camping sites, the check-out time is by 12 noon.

Q. Do you have internet access?

A. Yes, we offer free wifi in the area around the reception building.

Q. Do you have television reception?

A. All cabins have free-to-air satellite television. Unfortunately there is no reception to the caravan and camping sites.

Q. Is there mobile coverage in Tarra Valley?

A. No. Closest coverage is at Devon North – 10km away. We do have a coin-operated public telephone outside reception.

Q. I am worried about bushfires. Do I need to be?

A. No. Tarra Valley, unlike other areas in Victoria, remains lush and green all-year-round. It is old rainforest. Also fire runs uphill, not down. In the extremely unlikely event of a fire actually being in the valley itself, our green lawns and creek form a naturally safe haven from both fire and smoke. We understand your concern, but here at Best Friend Holiday Retreat we are most fortunate by virtue of our unique geographical location and all-year-round greenery.

Q. Do you have a Fire Plan?

A. Yes. Any fire within 50 km is monitored regularly and guests notified of any possible future danger. In the highly unlikely event that there could be a threat, we would evacuate all guests immediately. We are only 15 minutes to Yarram. We do not believe in staying to defend.

Q. On average, how many bushfires each year pose a threat to Tarra Valley?

A. Absolutely none - zero.

Q. Is there a charge to use your hydrobath facility?

A. No. Use of the hydrobath is free-of-charge. Dog shampoo is available at reception for a small fee.

Q. Where is the closest town for supplies?

A. Yarram, 17kms or 15 minutes drive away. There are two supermarkets, including a Woolworths, two hotels, a country club, and several cafes and take-away food shops.

Q. Do you have a swimming pool?

A. No, however there is a natural swimming hole at the bottom of a waterfall just directly across the road from our Park.

Q. Do you have a children's playground ?

A. No. But there are plenty of things to keep them occupied.

Q. Can I have a campfire?

A. If you are camping or in a caravan, Yes. However on days of high fire risk, campfires are not permitted. All campfires must be at least 350mm above the ground and have an ash tray. You will need to bring your own fire drum. We do not sell firewood so you will also need to bring your own wood. On leaving we ask that you empty cold ashes in the area designated by us and that you take any surplus wood home with you.
If you are staying in a cabin we regret that campfires are not permitted.

Q. Do you allow cats?

A. Sorry, no. With the dog facilities that we have in place it is just not practical for us to also cater for cats.

Q. Do you allow horses?

A. Sorry, no. But there are places that do. See for properties that may cater to your needs.

Q. Is your park noisy at night?

A. No, quite to the contrary. In fact our non-dog owning guests go out of their way to tell us that it's the quietest park they have ever stayed in. This is because all the dogs are happily inside with their owners. As to other guests, our Park Rules state that it is whispering tones only after 9 pm.

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